Schedule and Training Programs 2019 - 2020

Kids Programs

At Atos Jerusalem we have a well defined program for kids ages 8-12. 

Ages 8-9: we concentrate on developing coordination, discipline, strengthening and building strong character.

Ages 10-12: we place more emphasis on discipline, fitness building, and strengthening the body.

Youth & Adult Program:

We Offer Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes for all ages and all levels. Youth, Men and Women.

For Beginners & Kids we offer the beginner's class, in this class we teach the fundamentals of BJJ.

For the advanced/competitive students, we offer classes that are more advanced in terms of technique and fitness level.


More than only BJJ, we emphasize the need of high fitness levels and healthy living. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is also a great way to get yourself in shape while learning a wonderful Martial Art !

No Gi Grappling:

We offer also No-Gi Grappling. No Gi grappling is a part of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. No-Gi grappling involves also wrestling 

No-gi Grappling does not involve any kind of striking.

The No-Gi Grappling is considered one of the most effective Martial Arts for MMA in today's era.

Muay Thai

We offer Muay Thai training twice a week.

Our coach Sarah Avraham is a multiple time champion in Muay Thai. Sarah brings not only the martial art of Muay Thai, but also the cultural background and the important values of Muay thai.

Contact us for a begginers class and Let's Go !

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