Schedule and Training Programs 2019 - 2020

Kids Programs:
Youth & Adult Program:

At Atos Jerusalem we have a well defined program for kids ages 8-12. 

Ages 8-9: we concentrate on developing coordination, discipline, strengthening and building strong character.

Ages 10-12: we place more emphasis on discipline, fitness building, and strengthening the body.

We train youth, men and women of all ages:


Training workouts are more intensive in terms of physical fitness, as well as, personal emphasis on learning and understanding about the art of fighting. However, we do understand that each person will work at their own fitness level, especially in the beginning. 

If necessary or if requested, private lessons are available.

No Gi Grappling:

Grappling is the use of any style or mix of styles that comprises techniques that rely on grabbing and controlling the opponent using the body as leverage as a means of achieving the supremacy through throws and take downs, pins and submissions.


In Grappling there is no striking of any kind that focuses on knocking out your opponent.

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